Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Reasons for Joining Youth for Restoration

When it comes to the concept of history, I have always believed in the idea that it is important, and that it should not be forgotten. If people forget history, whether it is in a local or national frame of reference, then they lack the necessary skills to accomplish future problems, and the knowledge needed to avoid certain mistakes. For this reason, as well as the desire to aid my community for other ethical, scholastic and personal purposes, is why the Mill House Project, and my membership in the Youth for Restoration non-profit group are important to me.
- Cristian Soto

            I joined Youth for Restoration because I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to be apart of a group that would help to improve and restore the old historical structures and areas in the town of Beekman. I am proud of my town and I look forward to improving and preserving history, where it is needed.
- Lauren Macdonald

            I joined Youth for Restoration because I want to keep the town of Beekman’s historical sites intact so that future generations can admire our heritage.  I have lived in Beekman all my life and it means a lot to me that it stays clean. I love being in this group because it helps to unite the community. Kids, teens, and adults will be working together to clean up our town. Being in this group gives me the satisfaction of helping our community and bringing us all together.
- Lauren Neville

            I joined the group Youth for Restoration because I want to support my wonderful community. The community that I live in has helped me to develop throughout my childhood and become the person that I am today. Youth for Restoration is a wonderful organization that helps to restore the history that has made up the town of Beekman. It is very important that we do not forget the important people in our town’s history and remember what they have done to make Beekman such a great town and community.
- Jordan Scocozza

            I love my community and everyone in it. I have ridden my bike to the Beekman Mill House every summer with my friends to hang out by the stream. It is a great part of Beekman history, and it should stay that way for generations to come so that the children can enjoy swimming in the stream like I have. Therefore, I decided to join Youth for Restoration. This non-profit group is completely dedicated to preserve the gems of our town, which are major landmarks of Dutchess County. This year our goal is to come together and give back to the community by restoring the Mill House.
- Eric Layden

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