Friday, August 8, 2014

Artifacts at the Beekman Mill House

Please feel free to identify any of the artifacts that we have cataloged in this digital inventory:

Youth for Restoration's work on July 26, 27 and August 2, 3

Youth for Restoration, with the help of volunteers completed the following:

- Took all artifacts from the Upper level downstairs to the yard.
- Cleaned artifacts and construction materials.
- Separated everything into three groups: Artifacts, Construction Material, Garbage.
- Created a unique number/label for each artifact.
- Staged and photographed each artifact with its identifying number.
- Created a Digital Inventory of the artifacts.
- Removed all the rotten, dirty garbage that had collected over the years and got it ready for the Highway department to pick up.
- Swept, mopped, dusted the Upper level.
- Cleaned, adjusted windows and installed screens in them
- Assembled shelving at the Upper level.
- Tied each number label to the corresponding artifact.
- Shelved artifacts, and other useful materials in the Upper level.
- Assembled divider screens and screened around the construction materials.
- Cleaned first floor, windows, pictures, and office.
- Planted perennials in the trough in the front of the building.
- Cleaned outside message board, replaced papers signs, fixed lights and set the timer for lighting.
- Rebuilt rock wall leading to bridge.
- Created a flowerbed on the banks of Fishkill Creek with leftover rocks.