Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quotes from Our Esteemed Supporters

"There is no way that we have learned everything that we can from our history.  Much more needs to be preserved and explored.  Organizations like Youth for Restoration are the seeds that will grow into a life-long appreciation for the past and the lessons it can teach."

Marla Taylor 
Collections Manager
Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology

"New York State’s historic built environment exists as a visual example of our state’s dynamic role in our nation’s history.  The preservation of historic and cultural resources is the mission of the New York State Historic Preservation office (SHPO) and I am incredibly encouraged by Youth for Restoration’s role in engaging young people to actively participate in the preservation of sites important to our state and nation’s history.  The SHPO would like to extend our support of and services to their initiative, recognizing Youth for Restoration represents the next generation of preservationists in New York State to carry on this critical mission."       

Ruth Pierpont
Deputy Commissioner
NYS Historic Preservation Office

"Among other things, an abiding concern for our historical resources will define what we are today as aware, culturally sensitive human-beings. The worth of cultural lessons learnt from exploration, preservation and restoration of the relics of our heritage cannot be overstated. In this regard, an initiative such as “Youth for Restoration” is highly opportune and laudable; let’s nurture the faith that it spreads its branches and grows into a leafy tree casting its sheltering shadow over the larger missions of  historical and cultural preservation." 

Riyaz Latif
Visiting Lecturer in South Asia Studies
Wellesley College